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Our Team

Administration and Office Staff

Name Title
Helen Nowell Principal
Joel Wood
Acting Assistant Principal
Christina McLeod Counsellor
Pamyla Christensen Administrative Assistant
Nicole Johnson Administrative Assistant
Darcy Taylor Library Media Specialist/Administrative Assistant
Craig Arnold Technical Support


Name Subject
Jenelle Sanelli Kindergarten (English)
Jason Cheung Grade 1/2 (English)
Brenda Vandermeer Grade 1/2 (English)
Darian Ballance
Grade 3 (English)
Janet McKinley / Joel Wood
Grade 4 (English)
Christine de Wit Grade 5 (English)
Madison MacKay
Grade 6 (English)
Stephenie Holmstrom
Kindergarten (French Immersion)
Germaine Yongue Kindergarten (French Immersion)
Jackie Smiley Grade 1 (French Immersion)
Lesley Spiller / Yvette Webster
Grade 1 (French Immersion)
Alison Watson Grade 1 (French Immersion)
Carla Calderon / Elise Stelmaschuk
Grade 2 (French Immersion)
Karalie Kinnersley Grade 2 (French Immersion)
Lindsey Hornung Grade 3 (French Immersion)
Sydney Taylor Grade 3 (French Immersion)
Alex Laliberte Grade 4 (French Immersion)
Meridith Gagnon
Grade 4/5 (French Immersion)
Roxanne Walter Grade 5/6 (French Immersion)
Teresa Settingiano Grade 6 (French Immersion)

Subject Specialists

Name Subject
Kirsten Throndson Music
Glenn Wilson Physical Education

Support Staff

Name Title
Thuy Arbour Educational Assistant
Sarah Barr Educational Assistant
Jordyn Bland
Educational Assistant
Sarah Cardona
Educational Assistant
Cathy Carew Educational Assistant
Heidi Faulkner Educational Assistant
Jane Fisher Educational Assistant
Erik Hornung Educational Assistant
Karen Keels Educational Assistant
Kim Lelacheur Educational Assistant
Dale Moss Educational Assistant
Ben Schepens
Educational Assistant
Nacima Strader Educational Assistant
Lukas Zechel Educational Assistant
Neal Barnes Custodian
Michael Eisma Custodian
Vernon Lapina Custodian
Chingkee Jose
Elmer Gulla


Leo Nickerson Elementary School