School Song

A World of Differences

It takes the sunshine and the rain
To help a garden grow
The sun and moon together
Work to make the ocean flow.
Our strength is in our differences,
The gifts we have to share,
And together we can build a better world
For people everywhere.


We're the colors of the rainbow
We're the stars up in the sky.
No two of us are quite the same
And here's the reason why:
We all have a purpose
And a special place to serve
For it takes a world of differences
To make a difference in our world

The mountains need the valleys
And the water needs the sand.
We all need each other
To lend a helping hand.
We must work together,
We can't do it alone.
We all need each other
To make this house a home.

Words by: Joseph and Pamela Martin
Music by: Joseph M. Martin