French Immersion

Our program produces students who are fluent in French and whose English skills are equivalent to those of their peers - all this, while still fulfilling the curricular goals of a regular program. Our students develop an understanding and appreciation of French Canadian culture, and have a mastery of the skills and competencies identified in the Alberta Program of Studies.

The French Immersion program is a proven approach to second language learning designed for students whose first language is not French. In the French Immersion classrooms, the language of instruction is French for a significant part of the school day with the exception of English Language Arts.

This dual language approach promotes acceptance and understanding among our students and provides opportunities for interaction between English and French Immersion programs to the benefit of all students.

Families with children in the French Immersion program enjoy celebrating student success and community within our program as well. The French Immersion Soirée (An Evening of Song and Poetry) was created as a way for parents to celebrate the development and enjoyment of their children's French language development. A French Book Fair is held at this time for parents to purchase high quality books in French and support their school at the same time. French cultural events such as L'Unitheâtre, a Francophone theatre company, a Family French Movie Night are brought to the school, and an annual Carnaval d'hiver/Winter Carnival is planned for the entire school.