School Council

Who We Are

The school council is a collective association of parents, teachers, principals, staff and community representative(s) who work together to promote the well-being and effectiveness of all stakeholders in the school community and thereby enhance student learning. A school council is a means to facilitate collaboration among all education partners in the local school.

What We Do

We facilitate the development of a common vision for the school. Members work together to facilitate communication, planning and resource allocation regarding priorities and programs that are needed to meet the expectations of the local school community.

One focus of the school council is cultural enrichment for all students. The council, along with the fundraising group called the Friends of Leo Nickerson, works hard to bring school-wide presentations by such groups as the Alberta Dance Troupe,The Alberta Opera Society, Evergreen Theatre, L’Unithéatre, the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, the Drug Awareness and Resistance (DARE) program, Artist-in-Residence program and author visits. The Friends of Leo Nickerson also strongly supports the school with funding for audio-visual equipment; concert staging, lighting and risers; playground enhancement; and other projects which enrich the school experience for the students.