Key Dates 2024

January 13: St. Albert Public Schools Kindergarten Fair
January 15: New Student Registration for 2024-2025
February 6 @ 6:30pm: Leo Nickerson Kindergarten Information Evening
May 1-2: Kindergarten Experiences *pre-registered students will receive an invite by email
June/July: Kindergarten Welcome Packages emailed to pre-registered students
August 28-30: Staggered Entry

UPDATED February 5, 2024

What we offer...

  • English Program: Full day (additional fee) and half day (mornings or afternoons, depending on registrations)
  • French Immersion: Full day (additional fee) and half day (mornings or afternoons, depending on registrations)

Our Kindergarten program offers a learning environment that provides each child with the basis for experiencing success and developing personally. The activities help each student gain a solid foundation for Grade 1 and future learning.

In order to meet the individual and group social and academic needs, daily routines, learning centres (organized activities, purposeful play), field trips, etc. are intended to provide a "hands-on" experience in order for the child to learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Click on the video links below to see a glimpse into a day in Kindergarten!

Ready for Kindergarten?

  • Show your child how to practice writing their name.
  • Have your child be responsible in tidying up toys when they are finished playing.
  • Allow children to help in clearing their own dishes from the table.
  • Be sure your child can go to the bathroom, flush the toilet and wash their hands independently.
  • Have your child be responsible to put on their own shoes and coat.  Purchase outerwear that they can manage themselves to help in this transition.
  • Expose you child to letters through reading books, looking at signs on the road, and with names of people in your family.
  • Have fun playing games that involve counting, like Snakes and Ladders.  Count things around you with numbers less than 10, like people at the table, cheerios left in the bowl, or wheels on a toy car.
  • Look at shapes and find them in your environment.  There are circles and rectangles all around us!  Start exposing your child to the names of shapes.
  • Practice the art of manners: taking turns to talk, sharing toys, waiting turns.  These are the skills that will help your child adapt to being part of a much larger group sharing fewer adults.
  • Expose your child to scissors and glue.  There is much fun to be had creating!
  • Click here for some printable worksheets.

Staff Meetings

Kindergarten children do not attend school on staff meeting days, which fall on the first Wednesday of each month except September.